Overview of Hanger Clinic

Founded in 1861 by the first amputee of the Civil War, Hanger Clinic, a business unit of Hanger, Inc. (NYSE: HNGR), owns and operates nearly 800 patient care clinics nationwide nationwide. The certified clinicians of Hanger Clinic provide patients with the latest in orthotic and prosthetic solutions, including microprocessor devices for those with limb loss and neuromuscular technologies for those with paralysis due to stroke, MS and other debilitating conditions.

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Products and services provided

Hanger Clinic provides patients with the latest in orthotic and prosthetic solutions. Orthotics is the custom design, fabrication and fitting of braces and supports for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. These conditions may range from short-term, sports-related injuries to long-term, progressive neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Prosthetics is the custom design, fabrication and fitting of artificial limbs.

Hanger Clinic also offers the WalkAide® functional electrical stimulation device for people with foot drop, and a specialty footwear program for people with diabetes. While Hanger Clinic’s various programs are targeted to the specific needs of distinct patient groups, their goals are identical – to maximize the ability of each patient to successfully perform activities of daily living.


In 1861, James Edward Hanger became the first amputee of the Civil War. He returned to his hometown in Virginia where he set his mind to walking again. When a satisfactory prosthetic solution was not available, he fashioned an artificial leg for himself – a device constructed of whittled barrel staves with a hinge at the knee. It worked so well, the state legislature commissioned him to manufacture the "Hanger Limb" for other wounded Civil War veterans. Mr. Hanger patented his prosthetic device and his business thrived.

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