C-Brace Microprocessor Orthosis

Meet the new C-Brace. Lightweight, low-profile, intuitive, and dynamic, the world’s first mechatronic stance and swing phase control orthosis (SSCO®) system now offers users more freedom in their movement than ever before. This orthosis helps patients with neurological conditions affecting their legs: incomplete paraplegia, post-polio syndrome, etc., return to activities of daily living.

C-Brace: Supports people with paralysis, incomplete spinal cord injury and post-polio syndrome

​The Hanger Clinic Advantage

Hanger Clinic was the only patient care company in the United States to be involved in the clinical testing of the original C-Brace, which means our patients benefitted from first access. Hanger Clinic had the very first patient in the United States, who is still benefiting from this revolutionary device.

The C-Brace has taken the microprocessor technology used in the C-Leg® and transformed it into an orthosis. Until now, hydraulic systems used in prosthetics have not been utilized in this way. The standard functionality of conventional paralysis orthoses is limited to releasing and locking the knee joint. However, the C-Brace supports the user during the entire gait cycle and adapts to everyday situations in real-time.


  • No external cables - all sensors are integrated into the C-Brace joint unit.
  • The microprocessor sensor technology is more intuitive to use, and the motion sequences are more dynamic and sensitive.
  • Flexion under load is now possible for the first time: when sitting down, walking down stairs step-over-step, and walking down inclines.
  • The entire gait cycle is controlled dynamically and in real-time. 
  • The C-Brace analyzes the user 100 times per second to anticipate movements. 
  • Natural body posture is restored, reducing contralateral physical strain and resulting secondary conditions. 
  • The new C-Brace is low-profile, so users have the option of wearing the orthosis under their clothing. 
  • More efficient fitting and adjustments with the use of the new Setup App. 
  • The Cockpit App allows users to make minor adjustments from their smart phone or tablet
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What this means to patients:

  • Walk safely and more naturally
  • Reduced risk of falling with the stumble recovery feature
  • Less energy expended while walking due to low-profile, lightweight design
  • Controlled resistance to knee flexion allows walking down stairs step-over-step, walking up and down slopes and inclines, and gradual sitting vs. falling into a chair
  • Improve activity levels and independence
  • Improve overall physiological health

Ready to get started?

Hanger Clinic is currently scheduling evaluations for the C-Brace. Ideal C-Brace candidates are people who need support for walking following injury, partial paralysis, disease, or weakness in the legs due to many conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injury, post-polio, etc., affecting their ability to control the knee when walking. 

During this evaluation, a Hanger Clinic representative will need to obtain photos, videos, and background to send to our C-Brace specialists to determine if you are a candidate. If you are not a C-Brace candidate, another orthotic system may be able to provide you with greater mobility and independence. Hanger clinicians will consider all of your options when evaluating you for the C-Brace

Contact Hanger Clinic at 1.877-4HANGER, or click here if you would like more information about this revolutionary new system: the C-Brace.