WalkAide Bi-Flex Cuff

​An essential part of the WalkAide® System, the WalkAide Bi-Flex™ Cuff has been designed with you in mind. This new cuff provides a secure fit and optimal electrode positioning, so you can easily put on and take off the WalkAide System.


Redesigned for Improved Performance

Small, sleek and lighter than competitor designs, the WalkAide Bi-Flex Cuff features a noticeably improved appearance, better ease of use and more comfort.

The WalkAide Bi-Flex cuff holds the WalkAide in the correct position on your leg, and makes putting on and taking off WalkAide simple. The cuff plays an important role in the use and effectiveness of WalkAide.

The new WalkAide Bi-Flex Cuff is designed to maximize the functionality and precision of the patented WalkAide tilt accelerometer. This promotes multidirectional mobility and a natural gait pattern — an essential component of central nervous system retraining and recovery.

Looking to see the difference WalkAide and the Bi-Flex Cuff can make?​

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Bi-Flex Cuff Features

  1. Universal Fit can be used on either the left or right leg and is available in three convenient sizes.
  2. Easy-to-Use Latch securely holds the cuff to the leg for consistent placement.
  3. Washable Liner promotes comfort and is easy to clean.
  4. Unique Dual Durometer Construction features a rigid side (to help secure the cuff with easy one-handed positioning) and a soft side (that conforms to the leg for total electrode contact).
  5. Vented Design allows for increased air circulation and better breathability.

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Bi-Flex Cuff