Plagiocephaly Treatment Overview

Welcome to our Hanger Clinic Cranial Asymmetry Protocols (CAP) program website. You are probably here because your child has been diagnosed with plagiocephaly (pley-jee-OH-sef-uh-lee)​, brachycephaly (brak-i-sef-uh-lee) or scaphocephaly (skaf-uh-sef-uh-lee), or you are concerned their head is not symmetrical. Alternatively your baby may be receiving treatment for torticollis and your healthcare professional may have indicated that your child is also showing signs of plagiocephaly.

If you are concerned your baby may have plagiocephaly, it is important to talk to your pediatrician and to identify any underlying causes. They may refer you to a specialist such as a neurologist, craniofacial specialist or an orthotist to gather more information about your child's condition and a plagiocephaly treatment plan.

Within this site there is lots of information and links to other resources on plagiocephaly treatment that we hope will be helpful to you and your family. The best place to start is watching our short overview video below​. After you have reviewed the information on this site, you may want to talk to an orthotist about the cranial band treatment program. 

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