Plagiocephaly Treatment

​​Plagiocephaly, (pley-jee-uh-sef-uh-lee), sometimes referred to as “flat head syndrome” or “deformational plagiocephaly,” can potentially cause you and your family tremendous anxiety.

The Hanger Cranial Band is a treatment option for infants with abnormal head shape or “deformational plagiocephaly.” Plagiocephaly means the flattening or deformation of a baby’s head and is often classified as mild, moderate, or severe.​

Diagnose and Treatment Information​

If your baby has been diagnosed with plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, or scaphocephaly, you can rest assured that the condition will be treated safely and painlessly with the help of our Hanger Clinic orthotists. The device we have developed to treat your baby is the Hanger Cranial Band. It’s an FDA cleared orthosis, specifically designed to treat deformational plagiocephaly.

Treatment with the Hanger Cranial Band is most effective when initiated between 4 and 6 months of age, and completed by 12 months of age. During this period, the head is easily shaped or altered to allow for rapid brain growth. A child can wear a cranial band until 18 months of age, but after that, growth slows considerably and making changes to the head’s shape with orthotic treatment is extremely limited. For this reason, Hanger Clinic orthotists and doctors nationwide, favor early intervention.
In about 85% of cases, a child may have both deformational plagiocephaly and congenital muscular torticollis. If this happens with your baby, your Hanger Clinic orthotist may combine orthotic cranial remolding techniques with a referral to a pediatric for physical therapist, to ensure the best possible outcome.
Many parents wonder if wearing a cranial band is painful. The answer is no. There is no pressure placed on a baby’s head. The design of the cranial band directs the natural growth of the skull towards a more symmetrical and/or proportional shape. In other words, your baby’s head will be gently, painlessly guided into a more round shape.​

Young patient wears a Helicopter Hanger Cranial Band.The Hanger Clinic Advantage​

​​The good news: with the help of a trained and experienced orthotist, plagiocephaly is actually an easily correctable condition, especially if it’s recognized, diagnosed, and treated early with a cranial remolding orthosis (cranial band).

Hanger Clinic has extensive information regarding plagiocephaly and treatment plans.
With a Hanger Cranial Band, you’re not just getting an effective orthotic treatment system; you’re joining the vast Hanger Clinic network of clinically trained orthotic professionals with the expertise to make your child’s treatment a success.

 Hanger Clinic advantages include:
  • ​Leading provider of orthotic and prosthetic products and services worldwide
  • 740+ Hanger Clinic locations nationwide to provide services for families on the go
  • When relocating or traveling to another city, we can easily access or transfer your child’s medical records to another Hanger Clinic office, minimizing additional paperwork and care disruption
  • Vast network of cranial specialists all across the United States to assist with high level/severe cases
  • Intensive training and special certification for cranial band specialization
  • A nationwide mentoring program for newly trained clinicians
  • Partnerships with nationally and internationally recognized craniofacial surgeons
  • Numerous insurance partnerships and contracts with a wide variety of providers (82% of babies treated for plagiocephaly through Hanger Clinic have their orthoses paid for by insurance)
  • Skilled administrators experienced in acquiring insurance authorizations and funding resources / options
  • Insignia™ laser scanning system
  • Free evaluative scans and free follow-up appointments every time your baby’s cranial band needs adjusting
  • Volunteer moms who are willing speak to parents just starting treatment  

Mother smiling holding young Lily.Insurance Coverage

One of Hanger Clinic’s many advantages is our scope—over 740+ clinics nationwide. This allows us to accept more private health insurance plans than any other orthotic or prosthetic provider in the industry. In fact, over 82% of all Hanger Cranial Bands are covered by insurance.

Your Financial Contribution

The majority of the orthotic and prosthetic services provided by Hanger Clinic are covered by health insurance. The amount of coverage available for cranial remolding orthoses can vary quite a bit, depending on your policy type. However, if you have more than one insurance plan, it’s possible that the entire cost of your baby’s care could be covered.

In some cases, you may have an out-of-pocket co-pay when your child is fit for his or her cranial band. Our insurance administrators are happy to look into your individual benefits plan and speak with your insurance company on your behalf.

By working closely with your child’s Hanger Clinic healthcare team, we can help you get the most from the insurance benefits you’re entitled to and minimize your financial contribution. Partnering with us may also give you additional leverage when negotiating with your insurance company.

Remember, all initial evaluative scans are free. You need not obtain insurance coverage unless a cranial band is medically necessary. Our approach to treatment is conservative. We only fit babies who truly need an orthosis.

Family visiting a Hanger Clinic to schedule an evaluation.Schedule an Evaluation

If you’re perplexed and not sure of what steps to take regarding your baby’s misshapen head, please contact your pediatrician and/ or a local Hanger Clinic orthotist for a free evaluation.
Evaluations are Free and Informative
Hanger Clinic’s mission is to find solutions for our clients and empower human potential – even for our smallest patients. Cranial scans and evaluations at Hanger Clinic are always free and informative. You do not need a referral to meet with a Hanger Clinic orthotist. Hanger Clinic locations are conveniently located nationwide for your convenience.

Interested in a free evaluation? Call 1-877-4HANGER to find the closest Hanger Clinic location specializing in Hanger Cranial Bands.