Hanger Clinic BEME Program

At Hanger Clinic we want you to be empowered so we have put together a program called the Hanger Clinic BEME program. It is all about empowering you to be yourself, to just ‘BE ME’.

The program consists of four components: Bracing, Education, Monitoring, & Encouragement

By working together you and your orthotist will design a brace that not only treats your scoliosis effectively but also reflects your unique personality and character. Check out some of the design options.

Being informed helps you better prepare and prevent problems so your orthotist is ready to listen, answer your questions and provide verbal and written information to help you along your journey. See some questions you may want to ask. 

The Hanger Clinic BEME program includes an iO™ monitoring device that sits in your brace and measures the number of hours per day that you wear your brace. This device can help you and your doctor determine the best strategies as your curve changes over time with your brace wear.

Your doctor, orthotist and other healthcare professionals will all be supportive and encouraging, but the Hanger Clinic BEME program also recommends that you join the support groups at CurvyGirlsScoliosis.com and SettingScoliosisStraight.org.

BEME Program