Daily Care

​If this is your first time wearing an orthosis or if you are being fit for a new model of orthosis, it is very important to properly care for your skin and watch for any redness, blisters, sores or abrasions from the orthosis.

​Caring for Your Orthosis

Taking proper care of your orthosis is essential to your recovery and your success as an orthotic patient. Your orthotic device will have special care instructions and your orthotist can help answe​r any questions you may have regarding proper maintenance.

Keep your orthosis clean by closely following the care instructions. Most orthotics can be cleaned with a diluted alcohol mixture and water.  Be sure to allow time for the orthosis to dry completely before donning.

Before you apply your orthosis, be sure to check the straps, joints, hinges, snaps and/or Velcro fasteners. Make sure they are clean, attached properly and in good working condition. If your straps or fasteners become overly worn, contact your orthotist, as replacements may be available.

Caring for Your Skin

To prevent skin damage, apply your orthosis properly and wear it snuggly to keep it from rubbing against your skin. If you are wearing​ a spinal or back orthosis, try a seamless T-shirt or tank top underneath. Remember, there may be some skin irritation and soreness as your skin is “toughened up.”

Be sure to bathe daily and if you live in a warmer climate or tend to perspire a lot, you may want to bathe more often or use a baby wipe to keep you skin clean. Perspiration can cause a buildup of bacteria, which can lead to odor and possibly infection.

Before you apply your orthosis, make sure your skin and the orthosis are both clean and completely dry.​