Fitting Your Support or Brace

​Once an office visit has been scheduled with an orthotist, most people are eager to get through the fitting process and begin using their new orthosis as soon as possible. Unless you are receiving a ready-made orthosis, please note that the process of custom fitting an orthosis takes a little time.

Orthotist reviews brace on patient's knee.

​First Appointment

At your first appointment the clinician will have a detailed discussion with you about your specific situation and how using a support, brace or other orthotic device will fit into your life.

Measurements will be taken and in some cases, it will be necessary to cast the affected area of the body with plaster or another malleable material. Most patient care clinics will use Insignia™ Laser Scanning System to electronically capture the dimensions of the affected area. These images are exact to within one millimeter and are stored in a computer and reviewed by the clinician and patient. Sensitive areas that require pressure relief are identified and the scan is carefully altered to reflect the unique characteristics of each patient. The final modified scan is then sent to Hanger Clinic’s central design center and the specifications are fed directly to an automated carver. The result is a precision form that is used to fabricate the actual orthotic brace or support. Insignia is particularly useful for designing ankle/ foot orthosis, spinal jackets and cranial bands.

Second Appointment

At your second appointment you will be able to try out the new orthosis. If you are satisfied with the fit and your orthotist agrees, the process is complete. If modifications are needed, then additional office visits will be necessary. Some orthotic devices are available in more standard models and sizes, which makes the fitting process quicker. Other devices require very precise fitting, and predictably, these will take longer.

Whether being fit for your first orthosis or discussing new options, your Hanger Clinic orthotist can help you find the best solution to meet your individualized needs.

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