​The primary goal of the Hanger Clinic National Orthotic Program is to increase mobility while decreasing rehabilitation time. An orthosis can be especially helpful in preventing an existing problem from getting worse.

A Hanger Clinic orthotist assists woman with her rehabilitation.

​Products and Services Personalized to Your Needs

Our primary objective for each patient is to provide a complete program that includes custom products, custom fitting and individualized service, all of which lead to increased functional ability. Whether you are seeking pain relief and increased mobility due to overuse, an accident or a sports-related injury or you are in need of an orthotic treatment to manage a chronic disease or illness, your clinician can help you meet your unique needs.

The Hanger Clinic National Orthotics Program places a high premium on communicating clearly with both the people we are serving, and within the entire health care team. We provide prompt and comprehensive follow-up reports to all the members of the orthotic care team. In turn, please communicate any questions or concerns with your Hanger Clinic care team regarding your orthotic care protocol. They are always available and happy to assist you.

Whether this is your first time being fitted and wearing an orthosis or if you have been an orthotic patient for years, it is important to keep your appointments with your orthotist and maintain your orthosis by taking proper care of the device.

Rehabilitation: Restoration to the Maximum Degree Possible of a Person Suffering from Disease or Injury

For those who have a severe injury or face a debilitating chronic disease, rehabilitation may depend on the combined efforts of many people. Ideally, you will be part of a team that includes your key family members and/or friends, a physician, an orthotist and their support staff, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, and even a psychologist. While it is true that most of the effort is up to you, the expertise and guidance of each person on your support team is critical. It is likely that your payer will have limitations on the number of physical or occupational therapy sessions allowed. When you know this in advance, you can consult with your therapist about the most efficient sequence of scheduling. Paying out-of-pocket for extended therapy is also an option worth considering.