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Christine and Erin

​​​​Condition: Plagiocephaly

Solution: The Hanger Cranial Band

Erin smiles while wearing the Hanger Cranial Band.

​Christine and Erin’s Story​

Christine, mother to her sweet daughter, Erin, noticed that Erin’s head looked misshapen at birth. Christine’s mom told her not to worry because "all babies’ heads look funny at first." Christine, however, was deeply concerned. She had an acute uterus, which means that her uterus was curved like a bow. That shape had pressed Erin up against her pelvic bone before birth. Plus, Erin’s birth was five weeks premature.

A Mother’s Fear​

I also noticed that one eye was bigger than the other and that scared me," Christine said.

Christine took Erin to her pediatrician and expressed her fears. He referred Erin to Hanger Clinic to be evaluated for a cranial band. Christine took little Erin to see her Hanger Clinic orthotist with considerable initial concern that the cranial band treatment w​as going to cause Erin suffering.

"I didn’t want her to be hurt or uncomfortable in any way," Christine said. "Also, I worried about what the reaction would be when I took her out in public. I was afraid she was going to get unwanted stares or comments."

The Hanger Clinic orthotist made Christine feel comfortable right away, and started building a relationship of trust that lasted throughout treatment. Christine started to relax when she saw how quickly and painlessly the orthotist was able to palpate Erin’s head and fit her for a band. Plus, Christine got the cranial band treatment covered under her health insurance. She also did a good bit of online research about plagiocephaly—which she hadn’t heard of before—and found an online support group.

Three Months to a Successful Outcome​

Erin wore her cranial band for three months. Christine said her biggest challenge during this period was cleaning the band. Erin didn’t seem to notice the band; she went to daycare every day without incident. Christine also took Erin to see their Hanger Clinic orthotist several times a month. The quality of service was excellent. What’s more, Erin improved more quickly than anticipated.

Now, Erin’s head is perfectly normal. Christine couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

"I think I picked the right time for this," Christine commented. "At four months, Erin didn’t really react to the band or mind it at all. Honestly, I don’t think she realized she had it on! I’m glad I did it when I did. Erin had a growth spurt and she was done before I knew it. She has a perfect head now, and we have the scans to prove it."​​