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Jennifer and Trevor

​​​​​Condition: Plagiocephaly

Solution:  Hanger Cranial Band

Trevor smiles for the camera while wearing his Hanger Cranial Band.Jennifer and Trevor’s Story

Jennifer, a proud mother to her beloved son Trevor, noticed that when Trevor was a month and a half, he had an unusual-looking ridge on his head. Her concern about this different head shape increased when Trevor’s head grew flat, resembling the shape of a football. She took Trevor to see the pediatrician and pointed out her concerns. Her pediatrician referred her to Hanger Clinic for a cranial evaluation.

Previous Experience

Jennifer learned about the cranial remolding orthosis at that appointment, but was hesitant to take that next step. Her nephew had suffered from a condition similar to Trevor’s plagiocephaly years prior and he regretted that a cranial band was not presented to his parents as an option. To this day, her nephew still suffers from the effects of plagiocephaly. Ultimately, based on the problems her nephew continues to face, she decided she had to seek cranial band treatment for Trevor.

“My nephew was the clincher that convinced me to take Trevor to Hanger Clinic,” Jennifer said.

Their Hanger Clinic Visit

When Jennifer and Trevor met with Doug, their Hanger Clinic orthotist, she was in a very worried state. Doug eased her fears while he measured Trevor’s head.

“There were lots of toys to play with and distract Trevor while Doug measured and evaluated his head, and he reassured me that wearing a Hanger Cranial Band would not hurt Trevor,” Jennifer said.

Doug educated Jennifer on the daily wearing schedule, beginning with Trevor wearing the cranial band one hour, off and on, the first day, and then gradually working up to 23 hours a day. Doug also taught Jennifer how to properly clean the cranial band and when to give Trevor his hour break from wearing the band. Bath time was the perfect time to clean and dry the cranial orthosis while Trevor splashed and played in the tub.

“I was worried at first about Trevor’s comfort wearing the band, but then it became clear that he wasn’t uncomfortable wearing it- at all,” Jennifer said. “That surprised me because he never liked hats. The band didn’t freak him out in the slightest.”

Trevor wore his Hanger Cranial Band for eight short weeks. Jennifer took him in to see Doug every couple of weeks to have measurements taken and make adjustments to the cranial band as needed, ensuring that there was no rubbing or other discomfort. Jennifer even decorated the cranial band with the logo of the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team on the back, with Trevor’s name lettered on it. Personalizing the orthosis to fit his personality was fun. And, thanks to her early intervention and decision to seek treatment versus “wait and see,” he achieved great results in a short time.

The staff at Hanger Clinic worked with Jennifer’s insurance company and was able to get the treatment covered, leaving the family with only a small co-pay.

Now that the treatment is complete, Jennifer is very pleased with the results. Trevor’s head has a nice, round shape, and Trevor doesn’t even remember wearing the orthosis.

“I don’t look back with any regrets,” Jennifer said. “I’m glad we did it. Trevor is definitely happy. Plus, everyone at Hanger Clinic was great!”