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Megan McKeon

​​Condition: Above-Knee Amputee

Solution:  WintersGel Prosthetic Liners, Prosthetic leg

Megan rides a pony with her prosthetic leg.Megan’s Story

Born in Latvia, Megan’s birth mother dropped a cigarette in her crib, badly burning the infant when she was just five months old. Megan lost one leg to the burns and the other leg was severely injured.       

Experimental Surgeries           

A hospital in Latvia took over her care and began performing experimental surgeries and procedures on her; in all, Megan endured 23 surgeries to her leg. Informed about what was happening by a friend who was an intern at the hospital, a journalist wrote an article about the need for Megan to find an adoptive home outside Latvia where she could get better medical care. Attorney Mark McKeon and his wife Susan, who was a nurse at the U.S. Embassy in Latvia, read the article and decided to adopt Megan right away.

Megan snow skis with her prosthetic leg.

Inspired by a Dolphin       

After moving to California with her adoptive parents, Megan did not wear her prosthetic leg regularly until she read the story of Winter the Dolphin. After that, however, she was so inspired by Winter’s story that she started wearing her leg several hours each day. Her clinician also fit her with the WintersGel Prosthetic Liner to help increase her comfort level since Megan also had sensitive scar tissue just like Winter.

Today, Megan is now an extremely active, 11-year old girl who enjoys gymnastics, water and snow skiing and surfing and is a motivational speaker for others, who like her, have experienced difficulties adjusting to their disabilities and can appreciate her message inspired by Winter the Dolphin.​