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Raena and Presley

​​​Condition: Plagiocephaly

Solution:  Hanger Cranial Band

Presley smiles for the camera while wearing her Hanger Cranial Band.Raena and Presley’s Story

When Raena took her daughter, Presley, to her two-month well baby check-up, her pediatrician noticed that Presley’s head was flattening a bit. “He said her head was flattening on one side and that I should probably try to rotate her and reposition her while she was sleeping, but I really wasn’t clear on what he meant.  I didn’t notice any flattening at all,” said Raena.     

A Mother’s Concerns           

When they returned two months later for her four-month check-up, the pediatrician noted that Presley’s head had become more flat. “He considered it cosmetic and told me that there are a lot of kids that have flat heads. I was upset because I felt like if I had known there was potential for it to get worse. I would have possibly been able to prevent it. I got the impression that it wasn’t too worrisome during the two-month appointment, only to find out that it was pretty bad by her four-month appointment. I didn’t want her to go through life with a different appearance than she was meant to have. I was unprepared for the emotions I felt when I realized that she needed to be in a cranial band.”
When her doctor referred her to Hanger Clinic for a cranial band, she was still dealing with her feelings of frustration. “I just thought, Why didn’t anyone tell me about plagiocephaly? Why had I never heard of it before? If I had known that this might be a possibility, I could have done more to prevent it.” She also had other fears and anxieties about the situation. “I felt like I had done something wrong, even though I knew I hadn’t. I was nervous about how people would treat her - that other people might not think I was affectionate with her since she had a cranial band on,” noted Raena.

A Reflection of her Daughter’s Personality       

After meeting with her orthotist and receiving a scan, Raena pushed to get Presley into the band as soon as possible. “I had been doing so much research online. I knew that babies’ heads grow very quickly and slow down as they get older, so I wanted to start treatment right away. I had visited many websites and support sites, so I was just ready to move forward. I sort of put my fears behind me and decided to make the best of the experience. I decorated her cranial band with rhinestones and colorful hearts and polka dots. It was a reflection of her beautiful and bright personality.”

The treatment lasted just seven short weeks. During that time, Presley hit all of her developmental milestones, learning to sit up and crawl, all while wearing the band. “I think it may have even helped to strengthen her,” said Raena. “She didn’t mind wearing it at all. It was like it wasn’t even there for her. For me, I guess the hardest part was not being able to snuggle her head. I missed her little head, but I knew we were doing the right thing. And the time really passed by so quickly. Overall, it was easy.”

When asked what advice she’d give to a mom considering treatment, Raena replied, “Do it! It is completely worth it. Just know, you didn’t do anything wrong, the time will fly by,, and your baby won’t even care that it’s on. It’s a very short amount of time to make a difference that will last a lifetime.”

And of her Hanger Clinic experience she notes, “They were great! I read up on Hanger Clinic online and they were highly recommended. My insurance wouldn’t cover the band, so I had to pay out of pocket. The price of the Hanger Cranial Band was better than other bands I had looked into. The staff was amazing and our orthotist genuinely cared about Presley. We had to call late on a Friday night once and he called us right back, just to be sure everything was OK. Even though we’re done with wearing the cranial band, I still enjoy stopping in and seeing the staff. Most importantly, the treatment worked and the difference it will make in Presley’s life is priceless.”