Prosthetic Leg Solutions

The loss of a leg changes how you move through life. At Hanger Clinic, we can help restore your mobility by designing prosthetic leg solutions that combine our patented ComfortFlex® socket system with state-of-the-art prosthetic components from all the leading manufacturers.

Hanger Clinic gives you access to the latest technologies and the most highly skilled prosthetists available anywhere. We partner with you and your healthcare team to create a custom prosthesis that will help you achieve your goals.

Hanger Clinic water proof prosthetic leg functioning in a pool

Advanced Prosthetic Technology

Hanger Clinic was founded on clinical innovation is the leader in introducing state-of-the-art prosthetic leg solutions such as the ComfortFlex® socket system.

Lower extremity above-knee prosthetic patient enjoying water sports

Above-Knee Limb Loss Solutions

An above-knee (AK) prosthetic leg combines a custom-made socket with a supportive frame, knee unit, pylon and foot. Sometimes a suspension sleeve or harness may also be necessary.

Image of man with below-knee leg prosthetic being active

Below-Knee Limb Loss Solutions

A below-knee (BK) leg prosthesis typically consists of a custom-made socket, a pylon and a foot. Sometimes a suspension sleeve or harness may also be necessary.

Full leg prosthetic patient walking down hallway

Hip and Ankle Disarticulation Solutions

Lower limb amputations at the hip or ankle level are called disarticulations. Hanger Clinic offers customized prosthetic solutions for disarticulations. 

Lower extremity prosthetic Proprio Foot patient walking down sidewalk

Prosthetic Feet

There are multiple types of prosthetic feet available, including hydraulic and microprocessor feet.

Young girl with lower extremity prosthetic foot seated, smelling a flower

Partial Foot Prosthetics

​Partial foot amputation levels include: toe, mid foot (metatarosphalangeal or transmetatarsal), Lisfranc and Chopart.

Arrangement of leg prosthetics and knees from Hanger Clinic on blue background

Lower Limb/Extremity Componentry

Your clinician will recommend the best prosthetic components, such as foot units, pylons, knee units and hip units based on your functional level as defined by Medicare.