Genium Bionic Prosthetic System

​The Genium Bionic Prosthetic System is the world’s only microprocessor controlled knee that can anticipate your movements and adapt instantaneously in order to function as close to a natural leg as possible.  The Genium allows you to focus on what you are doing, not your prosthesis.


The World’s First Intuitive Knee Tested, Proven, and Fit First by Hanger Clinic

Creating natural, multidirectional movement, it optimizes a user’s gait and gives them the confidence to engage in activities and try things they might not otherwise be able to do with a normal prosthetic knee.

Lower extremity patient, Bill Dunham, washes car with no worries. The Genium Bionic Prosthetic System is water resistant. Realizing Your Potential Naturally

Culminating decades of research and development, the Genium Prosthetic Knee combines an accelerometer and gyroscope with today’s most advanced sensing and control technologies.  

Utilized for the first time with a prosthesis, Genium’s gyroscope collects data in three dimensions to identify where it is in space while the accelerometer tracks its speed.  These same technologies enable Wii gaming systems to sense and react to user movements and devices such as the iPad to turn and adjust on-screen images as they’re repositioned.

Genium’s array of four sensors deliver an unprecedented quantity and quality of data to three microprocessors – the most ever utilized by a prosthetic knee – that allows them to predict what will happen next.  By applying sophisticated rule sets, these microprocessors intuitively move the prosthesis in multiple directions in much the same the way a normal leg would respond.   As a result, users can side-step, walk backwards, shuffle step, stop short, pivot on their prosthetic leg and perform a wide range of common movements naturally without concentrating.


Genium also adapts immediately to changes in direction, speed or pace.  Its fluid motion allows the knee to get in front of the body rapidly and support it even in a bent position. And unlike other prosthetic legs, it lets amputees step over obstacles instead of walking around them.        


Available Today from Hanger Clinic

Based on their long-standing commitment to advancing microprocessor knee technology, the U.S. Military partnered with Otto Bock Healthcare in 2006 to create a more durable and intuitive prosthetic leg for wounded soldiers.  The Genium Bionic Prosthetic System is the civilian counterpart to the product that was ultimately developed and from 2010 to 2011, Hanger worked with Otto Bock on its clinical evaluation, application and testing.  Hanger Clinic fit the first five out of six patients wearing the Genium, which is available for active men and women who are above-knee amputees, through its national network of local Patient Care Clinics.

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