Hanger Complete System

​In keeping with Hanger Clinic's position at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, we are pleased to offer the complete system -The Hanger ComfortFlex™ Socket combined with the Ottobock C-Leg® microprocessor knee.


​Hanger ComfortFlex™ Socket and the Ottobock C-Leg®

These two revolutionary prosthetic advancements allow the wearer greater comfort and freedom. The ComfortFlex™ socket's newly redesigned features allow for a maximum fit. Already the highest level of socket comfort, ComfortFlex™ boasts "smart plastics" which allow the socket to "remember" the shape of the residual limb.

Hanger Complete System

The Ottobock C-Leg® represents the first and only microprocessor controlled hydraulic knee with swing and stance phase control. This innovative knee joint features on-board sensor technology that reads and adapts to the individual's every move. Angles and moments are measured 50 times per second ensuring the dynamic gait is similar to natural walking as possible. A new static stance mode lets the user lock the knee between 7 and 70 degrees while standing. The Ottobock C-Leg® allows for movement on flat terrain at different gait speeds with confidence. And thanks to the hydraulic stance control feature, it's easier to tackle slopes, stairs and other uneven surfaces. A second programmable mode is available for use with specific activities such as cycling or driving a vehicle. Switching between modes is as easy as bouncing on the toe or a press of the wireless remote control.

The updated design allows for maximum control and command of the residual limb by preventing shifting within the socket. Unique features of the ComfortFlex™ socket include contoured, anatomically designed channels and grooves to accommodate various muscle, bone, tendon, vascular and nerve areas. The flexible inner socket provides an aggressive, more intimate fit for better side-to-side control and front-to-back stability. This helps prevent socket rotation and relieve concentrated pressure points. It also commands and aligns the thigh bone, preventing shifting within the socket. The result is that many amputees can control their prosthesis more effectively, allowing them to re-enter the work force and to participate in recreational activities such as biking, running, dancing, and golfing.

Who Can Wear the System?

It's suitable for a broad range of amputees and can be used by extremely mobile individuals as well as those who need additional stability. Those best suited for the Hanger ComfortFlex™ Complete System are amputees weighing up to 275 lbs. who have a moderate or higher activity level. The lithium-ion battery in the knee will provide power for up to 40 hours. The Hanger ComfortFlex™ Socket alone can be worn by anyone who wants the most comfortable and stable socket available.

Why Choose Hanger Clinic?

Clinical training and education are key components that enable Hanger Clinic to be the leader in state-of-the-art prosthetic care and products. Hanger Clinic prosthetists are immersed in a week long, intensive training course on the ComfortFlex™ socket. In addition, they must complete a comprehensive educational course on the C-Leg® that includes adjustment training that is done by computer. This extensive training, in addition to the education and experience of Hanger Clinic's 1,300+ certified clinicians, allows you access to the finest clinical expertise available today. Hanger Clinic also offers convenience, with nearly 800 patient care clinics nationwide.

Available Today from Hanger Clinic

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