Advanced Prosthetic Leg Technology

There is an amazing technological revolution happening in prosthetics. As the recognized leader in state-of-the-art prosthetics for 155 years, we are proud to be part of it. Hanger Clinic partners with suppliers to design new products and clinical processes. We have also developed many innovations ourselves that provide greater comfort and mobility to people with limb loss, such as the patented ComfortFlex® socket system. Our nationwide team of lower limb specialists has undergone extensive socket design training led by renowned prosthetist Kevin Carroll, MS, CP, FAAOP.

Advanced materials and designs are restoring mobility to people of all ages and from every background. Whether you are challenged by illness, injury or accident, Hanger Clinic empowers your potential.

ComfortFlex socket system for prosthetic leg on black background.

ComfortFlex® Prosthetic Socket System

The key to being a successful prosthetic user depends on the fit of the socket. The simple truth is this: If your socket is uncomfortable, you won’t wear it. That’s why we developed the ComfortFlex® socket system and the new ComfortFlex® Adapt self-adjustable socket.

C-Leg lower extremity prosthetic system on black background.

Microprocessor Knees

Microprocessor controlled knees have advanced significantly, with more options than ever to facilitate variable-speed walking. Other features include stumble recovery, step over step descent, secure controlled recline to a seated position, activity-specific modes and waterproofing.



élan hydraulic foot on black background.

Microprocessor Feet

Microprocessor-controlled feet, such as the Blatchford élan, Freedom Innovations Kinnex, Fillauer Raize, Ossur Proprio, Ottobock Triton Smart Ankle, and BiONX emPOWER Ankle, offer more benefits than ever before.

Hanger Clinic advanced lower extremity prosthetics systems on black background.

Complete Prosthetic System

As a leader in cutting-edge technology, Hanger Clinic is pleased to offer the Hanger ComfortFlex® socket combined with the Otto Bock C-Leg® microprocessor knee as a complete system.

Multiple WintersGel prosthetic liners pictured together on black background.

WintersGel™ Prosthetic Liners

WintersGel Prosthetic Liners offers a gentle adhesion that protects and cushions your skin, creating a more comfortable fit so you can wear your prosthetic leg longer. This is especially beneficial for people with delicate skin or scar tissue.