Body-Powered Protheses

Body-powered prostheses are the most widely used artificial arm.  Many people prefer its simplicity, low cost and rugged durability.  A body-powered prosthetic arm is held in place by suction or by a strap system that rests on your shoulders.  A cable and harness system controls the device.  Exaggerated body movements pull a cable that opens the hook or hand.  Relaxing the tension on the cable allows the hook or hand to close.  The same motions control voluntary closing devices like the TRS Prehensor.

Over time, your prosthetic straps and cables can become uncomfortable or difficult to operate.  Usually, this can be fixed with a quick adjustment or minor repair.  Working with an experienced upper limb prosthetist close to home is important to keep your prosthesis comfortable and functional.

There are several different types of body-powered or cable-operated hooks and hands. Many activity-specific prostheses work with quick-disconnect wrist units commonly found in body-powered prostheses.  If you are looking for electronic function or a cable-free system, please visit our page on myoelectric arms and hands, or view our natural looking prostheses on our functional silicone prosthetics page.

See what's possible for you with a body-powered prosthesis.  To schedule a free evaluation, call 1-877-4HANGER option 1 or visit our locations pages to find a Hanger Clinic location near you.