Adult Upper Limb/Extremity Solutions

People born without an arm or hand, or those who experience an upper limb/extremity amputation, are missing not only a limb, but also a sophisticated tool for daily living.

Upper Extremity Prosthetics Program           

Hanger Clinic's National Upper Extremity Prosthetics Program (UEPP) focuses on the unique needs of these individuals, bringing them the latest technologies and clinical techniques. Troy Farnsworth, CPO and Hanger Clinic UEPP specialist, guides a team of upper limb/extremity clinicians through extensive, specialized training.

While the average prosthetic clinic may see only one or two upper limb/extremity patients a year, our upper limb/extremity specialists work with hundreds of patients each year - more than any other prosthetic provider in the world. Our upper limb/extremity research and fabrication center in Anaheim, California, is dedicated exclusively to upper limb/extremity prosthetics. We also have specialists positioned in each region of the United States and can travel to other Hanger Clinic locations as needed. This approach means less travel for patients, allowing them to stay closer to family and friends.  

Selecting and learning to use a prosthesis can be a major challenge. Our specialists make facing this challenge a little easer with a comprehensive program that addresses each person’s functional, psychological and occupational needs.

Arm in Lab

Advanced Technology

Hanger Clinic has developed many innovations that are only available through our clinicians in the space of upper limb/extremity prosthetics.

Amputation Level photo

Amputation Levels

There are several different types of upper limb/extremity amputations that can occur. The type of prosthesis you will wear is based largely upon the length of your residual limb.

Insignia Scanner

Fitting, Casting, Insignia

The fitting process for a prosthesis usually begins when your residual limb is no longer tender or swollen. Typically, this is four to six weeks after surgery.

Prosthetic Options

Prosthetic Options

​Information is power and the Hanger Clinic National Upper Extremity Prosthetics Program (UEPP) wants to give each person the information they need to understand their prosthetic options.

Use of Activity Specific Prosthese

Activity-Specific Prostheses

​Activity or adaptive prostheses can describe many different sorts of devices. In upper limb/extremity prosthetics there are adaptive terminal devices for everything from playing tennis to lifting weights.