I-Digits Quantum Prosthetic Hand

Man holding camera with i-digit prosthetic handHanger Clinic offers the latest partial hand prosthetic technology

Based on the reliable and industry-leading design of the i-limb™ product range, the i-digits™ quantum hand combines unsurpassed functionality with style. The i-limb quantum hand incorporates Touch Bionic's patented and ground-breaking i-mo™ technology and is the first partial hand prosthesis that can change grips with a simple gesture.

​I-Digit Quantum Prosthetic Hand Features


    • i-mo technology - use of simple gestures to change grips
    • bluetooth enabled grip chips™ activate pre-set grips in proximity to i-digits


    • adjustable speed boost increases digit speed up to 30%


    • up to 30% more power when needed

More efficient

    • 50% more battery life 

i-Digits Quantum Prosthetic Hand is appropriate for most partial hand losses or deficiencies below the wrist. Anywhere from one to five digits and any loss of the palm can be replaced.  

The i-Digit Quantum Prosthetic Hand is Now Available from Hanger Clinic

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