Early Care Following Injury or Surgery

The need for prosthetic care is often preceded by a serious injury or major surgery.  Hanger Clinic is committed to helping all patients reach their full potential by providing comprehensive post-operative care that includes limb protection where a socket or rigid dressing is placed on the limb in the first few hours or days following surgery.

AmpuShield provides limb protection after surgery.

Comprehensive Post-Operative Care

It is generally the physician who determines the prosthetic treatmentprotocol to be used immediately after acute injury or surgery. There are several possibilities for post-operative care. A rigid dressing placed on the residual limb can prevent flexion of the knee, helps manage edema (swelling), and protects the surgical site. A removable rigid dressing simply means it can be taken off and placed back on so the surgical site can be more carefully monitored. Hanger Clinic has developed a type of postoperative dressing which is a transparent silicone liner covered by an adjustable and removable rigid cast.

By removing the outer rigid cast, the residual limb can be examined through the transparent liner, while leaving it in place to provide continuous support and compression. Another option is an immediate postoperative prosthesis that is applied in the operating room or shortly following surgery. This prosthesis is a complete limb: an upper or lower extremity socket with all appropriate components attached. Research has shown that people who wear an immediate postoperative prosthesis are more optimistic and tend to recover more quickly. If you are facing a scheduled surgical amputation, this is a good option to discuss with your physician and your prosthetist.

AmpuShield provides limb protection after surgery. Successful prosthetic users tend to recover more easily.

Making Your First Appointment with Hanger Clinic

Many people make their first appointment at a Hanger Clinic before they have actually lost a limb. Whenever possible, those who are facing surgical amputation are strongly encouraged to seek a preoperative consultation with an experienced, certified prosthetist.

The mere thought of making an appointment for this type of frank discussion might be extremely unsettling. In spite of how difficult it seems, it is vital to understand that the earlier you begin working with a prosthetist, the better your outcome will be as a prosthetic user. Hanger Clinic will provide you with a thorough preoperative prosthetic assessment to discuss with your surgeon. We don’t pretend that any of this is easy—but we do pledge to devote our care and expertise to help you cope with this life-changing experience.

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