​Physicians, physical therapists, case managers all share the same goal:  to provide the best care possible for every patient. Hanger Clinic's in-service programs provide opportunities to learn about new procedures, be introduced to new technology, expand clinical knowledge and strengthen partnerships.

​The Hanger Clinic Advantage

Our local clinicians in partnership with our business development managers are always available to provide medical and rehabilitation professionals in-service programs and CEU credit. From the diabetic wound care refresher to advances in microprocessor knees to the simple introduction of your local Hanger Clinic staff, our in-service sessions provide the latest and most up-to-date information regarding orthotic and prosthetic care.

Hanger Clinic provides opportunities to meet one-on-one with patients. These up close and personal encounters provide opportunities to hear individual stories of overcoming challenges as well as demonstrating first-hand what can be accomplished with today’s technology.

Hanger Clinic’s Peer Advocacy Program actively enlists the services of a diverse team of experienced patient advocates. All of these unique individuals have experienced a significant trauma or disease that has brought new meaning and focus to his or her life. These patient advocates are well-known for their ability to empathize with, educate and motivate individuals and groups and are more than willing to meet with your patients, one-on-one or in a group.

For questions and more information about an in-service at your area, contact your local clinician or business development manager.

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